Nights of Kukulkan Chichen Itza Light Show

Nights of Kukulkan Chichen Itza Light Show. This show of light and sound allows us to visit this important archaeological zone at night. Located in the Yucatan Peninsula, next to one of the largest tourist destinations in Mexico. Chichen Itza is one of the most visited archaeological sites in the country.

Nights of Kukulkan shows us a spectacular game of lights and sound of Mayan history. Moving images projected on the impressive pyramid that tell us stories of gods and humans; rites, customs, knowledge of the cosmos and mathematics, etc.

Light show tour at Chichen Itzá

During the night tour through the archaeological site of Chichen Itza and within the show “The Nights of Kukulkan” we can discover the most important sites of this complex. The Temple of the jaguar, The Great Tables and Warriors Temple; The Ball Game Court, The Platform of the Skulls or Tzompantli, the Temple of Venus; the Castle of Kukulkán and the squares of the Thousand Columns.

Schedules and prices of the show Kukulkan Nights

The Kukulkan night show varies its schedule depending on whether if it is winter or summer. In both cases it is recommended to arrive 15 minutes before opening hours.

Schedule of Presentations: Entrance to the archaeological zone from 08:00 to 08:30 p.m.
Light audio narrative: Entrance to the archaeological zone from 8:45 to 9:00 p.m.

Schedule of presentations: Entrance to the archaeological zone from 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Audio light narrative: Entrance to the archaeological zone from 07:45 to 08:00 p.m.

To know the price of the visit it is best to check the official website of the show. The prices that appear to us at the moment of writing this article are of:
446 pesos from Monday to Saturday.
225 pesos on Sundays.

Information and recommendations for Kukulkan Nights

According to some information, the maximum number of tickets that each person can buy is 10.
It is possible to purchase the ticket or entrance ticket in advance to ensure the visit. You can use the official website to buy tickets online.
You can take pictures at the archaeological sites and during the screening. The use of the flash is not allowed.
Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. The roads are not paved.
You can enter a bottle of water in the enclosure.

If you are going to see the light show, you may need to book accommodations to spend the night near Chichen Itza area.

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