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My name is Jose Soriano. Cancun Travel Agent and Founder of Cancun Dreaming.

I, just like many Americans, traveled back and forth to Mexico to enjoy the wonderful weather and beautiful beaches. I have stayed at many of the amazing resorts and hotels available for vacations and holidays. What’s not to love about Cancun?  The friendly people, the tourist attractions and no one ever forgets the amazing food and margaritas. The best part of staying at a resort in Cancun is the All-Inclusive. Which means all your meals and beverages are included during your stay. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and alcoholic drinks are unlimited. If you have children some resorts have kid’s clubs and offer nanny services. Do you prefer a kid-free vacation? Cancun offers adult only resorts, so you can just relax and enjoy your Cancun Vacation.

As I traveled to different destinations, I kept coming back, to me Cancun is the ultimate tropical paradise. From the turquoise waters, various attractions, and powdery white sandy beaches that exfoliate your feet as you walk barefoot along the beach. The sand in Cancun never gets hot, you can walk miles on the beach and the sand will never burn your feet. I loved taking my Cancun Vacation and now I live in Cancun.

How did it start?

I began by helping my friends book their airline, hotel, and shuttle transportation. In the past three years, helping my friends has turned into a full-time business and passion.  I’ve been able to help my friends old and new, book at these amazing resorts and show them around town. That’s what I love the most, being able to show my friends a good time. Taking them to see the Mayan ruins, eat at some of the best restaurants in Cancun, going to water parks, and just showing them where to shop for the best souvenirs at the best prices. That my friends is the secret to a great Cancun Vacation.

Booking a Vacation?

Book with a Cancun Travel Agent or you may also create your own Cancun package through our search box or contact us to help with your Cancun Vacation.

If you came to our website, you probably got here by a Facebook ad, Instagram, Google ad, or even better, a friend recommended us. If you have questions, we can chat online through our social media pages


or give us a call at 832-859-5258   I’d love to help you book your next Cancun vacation. I believe this experience will have you coming back to Cancun time after time after time.

If you need assistance with booking give me a call at 832-859-5258

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Nos vemos en Cancun!  (See you in Cancun!)

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